Bold Moves

bold moves
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Go big or go home.

Game changer.

Bold moves enamor us. We are wowed by them. They scream, dedicated. What if I told you bold is overrated.

What if I told you that the collection of our tiny steps of trust were a big collection of bold love towards God.

Somehow, we have decided that God is impressed with big bold steps of faith. Scripture doesn’t really say that.

It actually says if you have even a mustard seed size amount of faith then you will be able to move a mountain. Less doubt is a higher goal than more faith.

Is God really looking for a hero? Or might He possibly be looking for someone who simply wants to honor Him with simple steps of trust? Wrestling through some doubt, the bold step may be to just take one more step.

No room for bragadocious moments on Instagram. Nope. Just, “I showed up today God. I believed you enough to come.”

To step out in my tattered converse tennis shoes, hair slicked up in a bun to roll my sleeves up again. To show up and do that “thing” You asked me to do.

Nothing glamorous about that bold move. It was a shaky attempt at obedience. It wasn’t the bold move of building a school in Africa. Or rescuing kids from exploitation. It was simply the boldness of responding.

Of lending my life back to the one who gave it. To honor you with it. To surrender to you with it.

That’s kind of bold. Just not impressive.

Definitely not sexy. I see people do things that are extraordinarily gifted. Without a doubt, mind numbing.

Definitely sexy from the ‘Whatcha got to offer?’

They go into the slums. Pull girls out of brothels. Rescue sick puppies. Feed the homeless.

I type words. Regular words.

Words become fluid though. They can shift a heart or do surgery on it. They can pry open eyes with tears. They can paint a picture by telling a story. They can take you to a place that a car cannot.

They can comfort a heart and help you find God. They can teach you and reach you. Words are bold in a gentle whisper. Words can seep into your ears and awaken you. Words can heal the brokenhearted.

They aren’t bold. Just letters assembled to form something. Formed boldy. Formed intentionally.

Forming something. Anything formed takes trust. Faith that if I do this, something will happen. What something is that? That’s none of my business. My business is to take the steps and not get preoccupied with the outcome.

That’s God’s business, not mine.

So, the next time you feel like you need a bold step just take one step. Focus on the one. That’s what Jesus did. He said He would leave the ninety-nine to get the one. We get enamored with big. With bold. Jesus, not so much.

In fact, it seemed He was always trying to thin the crowd. Always sifting to see who was the disciple or just a crowd follower.

Bold things always draw a crowd. Nominal, everyday stuff, not so much.

Stay faithful.

Stay intimate.

Faithful, intimate steps of faith are bold. They’re private. Obscure. Between no one but you and God. And I just bet, if you take that step you will one day hear: ‘Well done good and faithful servant.’

It’s your turn.

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