Don’t Walk On Dead Squirrels


Heading out for my typical morning jog, as usual I enjoy looking around while I am jogging or walking. Clearly, this particular morning I was quite distracted and wasn’t paying attention to what I was about to step on. Something told me that the pavement is generally hard.  I step down and I didn’t feel a hard pavement but a  squishy pavement. I knew this sensation under my feet couldn’t be a good thing. Like the girl that I am, I shrieked and totally freaked out when I realized that I stepped on a squirrel, not a huge fan of these quick little flying rats, (sorry if you’re a lover of squirrels) They have a varment approach and they move  kinda shifty. I still felt bad after all it has a family somewhere. Back to my story, I looked down and realized that I was so distracted by everything going on around me I was clueless about what I was about to walk on. As usual, God allowed this “squishing experience” to transfer into a spiritual lesson for my life.

Squirrels happen. They happen a lot of different ways in our lives.

How often does God end a season of our lives and calls us to move onto something else but because we are so spiritually distracted and aren’t in prayer we miss it and just keep walking on dead squirrels. Can you think of something right now that God’s Grace is lifting off of but because it’s familiar you keep walking in it?

What about relationships that are dead squirrels?

They may appear to have life but in truth, they are dead squirrels. God has been done with them for you for a long time. Maybe it’s a friendship, maybe it’s a business relationship. It’s time to recognize and pay attention to something God says is a dead squirrel. It’s actually a lot more obvious than we realize.  Pay attention to the God prompts and nudges he gives us and recognize when we aren’t seeing fruit in an area of our life.  It might just be because we are trying to bring life out of a dead squirrel.

Hebrews 2:1

Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things

we have heard, lest we drift away.

 It is easy to just “drift away”. If you’re a little add like me this may be a struggle. Think about how easy it is to drift when you’re on a raft in the water, without even realizing it the waves just naturally pull you downstream.

Life can easily cause us to drift. Distracted by work, family responsibilities and the list could go on and on. Life can cause us to drift downstream. Continually being aware, and just paying attention to where God is leading us will keep us from stepping on dead squirrels. Catch my drift, no pun intended, wink wink.