Have You Felt Set Aside?

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Ever heard of Queen Vashti?

Here’s the Transcript from the Video

Most of the time when we think about the book of Esther, we always focus on Esther because that is what the book is about.

She a young Jewish girl that had such a humility. God really uses her to bring a great deliverance to the Jewish people.

What I want to focus on in that book is the bigging.

There is another queen. Her name is Queen Vashti.

We don’t hear a lot of teaching on her.

We don’t really focus on her because she was the queen that was dethroned. King Ahashuerus is who she’s married to. He is this leader. He has incredible power.

He has incredible influence and he decides to throw a feast for all the people in the community.

And she also is throwing a feast for the women.

As he plans this huge party, he calls for her to come so he can display her.

Basically what he was really wanting was for her to be arm candy.

When you really research in the commentaries, it doesn’t go into detail and there’s some debates whether he was drunk or he wasn’t drunk.

But what was very clear was that she absolutely refused.

And when you study that, it shows that maybe he could have even been suggesting that she put herself in a life that wasn’t becoming.

Nevertheless, he had officials that surrounded him, and they all began to talk among themselves and the conversation was, if she is going to be that defiant.

And she is going to be that rebellious, we should set her down.

She should be dethroned and set aside. We should begin to look for someone who is more moldable. Or someone who can conform to exactly what we want.

Now put yourself in Queen Vashti’s shoes.

We don’t know because it doesn’t go in degree great detail, maybe she was like, I’m not going to be his arm candy.

Her heart may not have been defiant or rebellious.

But she was not going to put herself in my life.

And scripture doesn’t even say that she’s serving Jehovah God…that she’s serving God.

Maybe it was a situation where she’s like, I’m not going to be his arm candy. I’m just not going to do it.

So she immediately enrages her husband. The talk in the community is she’s out of control. She’s rebellious.

We must seek for a new woman and a new princess to rise to do what we want her to do.

Well, as you go on and read in first chapter of the book of Esther, at the very end of that it says that the wrath of King Ahashuerus subsided and he remembered Queen Vashti.

I just got to thinking about that. Maybe there are so many times you have felt set aside. Maybe there are situations in a work environment, with men or women.

Maybe you were like, ‘I’m not going to do that.’

It went against your own personal convictions and your own values.

But it so spun out of control that you were dethroned, so to speak. Or demoted.

I just want to encourage you today. Whatever situation you are in, the ultmate King, Jesus, and the Lordship of Christ, rules and reigns over you.

He will not sleep forever and forget where you’ve been.

Or what his plans are. And where he wants to take you.

I hope that encourage you to you today.

Until next time, have a good one.

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This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:

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