We all have our stuff

It is so easy to maximize the stuff of others while all the while we minimize our own stuff. We lay down the gavel of judgment on their weaknesses but we cover ours with a blanket of mercy. We make excuses for our shortcomings and give ourselves lots of grace but when it comes to others shortcomings the grace tends to run thin.

It really is about passing judgment on others.

Your standards and requirements for relationships couldn’t be upheld by any person. Ironically the very standards you want to hold others too you couldn’t even hold yourself too. Your judgmental over inflated view of yourself tends to look at others from a self righteous position.

Blinded by pride, you can easily notice the speck in someone else’s eye but ignore the log in your own eye. The bible refers too these people as Pharisees. The reality is that we all have specks and we all have logs, therefore we are all imperfect and broken.  We can be broken and learn about life together, trusting God to heal us and fit us together.

What if we were humble enough to converse about our struggles and risk being vulnerable with another imperfect person. What if our only expectations were to be real, no pretentions allowed.

The Quest…

Are you searching for a perfect friend? There aren’t any because no one is perfect. Search for a real friend, one who accepts you with the good bad and the ugly. A friend that on your worst day still believes the best that is in you. One that paints your failures with a broad stroke of mercy but still tells you the truth.

Our friends stretch us challenge us at times even hurt us. We don’t hurt each other on purpose but out of all of our imperfections we wound one another, misunderstand one another and drift away. Sometimes we feel jilted in our friendships when there is distance or space created between us. Our insecurities rear their ugly head and we question the love of others or their concern for us.

This isn’t really about our friend; it is more about our insecurities and being disappointed in the relationship. Our expectations of what we wish it would look like leave us feeling disheartened and at times disillusioned.

I believe God allows this in every relationship so that we ultimately always turn to him, people were never designed to meet all of our needs but to meet some of those needs. Don’t cut relationships off that are in a dry or distant season. Grow through it. Pray over it.

Love covers a multitude of sins.

Instead of dissolving relationships that have let you down or left you wondering, cover them in love, in forgiveness when you have felt disappointed. After all, everyone has stuff and we are all a work in progress. Trust God to help you work through your stuff in all of your relationships. After all, God works through us and in us with all of our stuff and yet He loves us just the same.

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