The Scent of Love

aroma in mist of steam

The lingering scent of someone you love is magical, endearing and can trigger memories of their presence.

You can smell their scent on their shirt and on the pillow that they slept on. Their scent lingers even when they aren’t there physically.

It’s a reminder that they were there.

I believe we can experience the scent of God’s presence.

It may not be in an article of clothing or a pillow, but it may be in a moment, in a journal entry that speaks about his tangible presence in that season.

It may be that you experience his scent in his comfort of great loss or heartache. The scent of his love comforting you and reassuring you of his presence when you are afraid.

It may be the whispering of his words in a time of great loneliness.

David Knew God’s Scent

I believe David knew well the scent of God’s presence.

So familiar with his ways that David had the assurance that God was with him.

With him in battle,
With him in failures,
With him in persecution,
With him as a little boy, a shepherd boy.

Just with him. The scent of love surrounded David because David surrounded himself with God.

Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of his knowledge in every place.
2 Corinthians 2:14

What happens when the scent of love dissipates?

What happens then? It is the scent of his love within us , his word in us that begins to diffuse every where we go. Every remembrance of Him, every word of reference wherever we go is a reminder of the scent of his love.

You are the sweet scent of His love.

The comfort of your presence to others is the comfort of his presence, the encouragement to the weary is his encouragement to the weary, the food extended to the hungry is the nourishment of his presence. The love to the unlovely is his scent.

What if the least is the most?

What if the things that seemed the most insignificant were the most significant? What if the most humble tasks were the most important?

What if the scent of his love was buried in the brokenness of humanity. The red-letter words coming to life in a single moms life.

The red-letter words washing away the shame of an adulterer. The red-letter words coming to life in the body of a cancer patient. The red-letter words embracing the addict. The red-letter words whispering, I forgive you.

The red-letter words healing the broken heart of the mom of the prodigal. The red-letter words spilling out into the world the scent of a thousand bouquets.

The scent of his love permeating the dirty places, not the mansions but the crack houses, the prostitutes bed, the throwaways of society. The ones who aren’t lovely.

The scent of love neutralizing the scent of sin and struggle.

What if this was the scent on your pillow?

The scent of Gods love in your dreams instead of despair and devastation. The scent of this love makes all things new and renews you to your original purpose. To know this love and walk in it. Because to walk in it it is to walk in Him.

Colossians says you are complete in Him.

We feel incomplete when we are searching in the world for our significance.

We feel incomplete when we compare ourselves to others.

The completeness we are searching for is to be sealed in Christ, fully accepted, completely loved and totally embraced.

Completeness comes from knowing that every fiber of your being is immersed in his love and this is the scent we all long for.

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