Clinging to Dust

I acknowledge Jesus as my Lord and savior and yet I am amazed at how desperately I continually attempt to save and hold onto my life, or my rights.

Luke 9:23
For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it.

A Closer Look

Let’s look at this passage a little closer… For whoever desires to save his life will lose it. Now I have read this passage a number of times. When I think of losing my life I think about not having a sense of direction or purpose. You know not having a clue about what life is suppose to be like. Sounds spiritual huh? Today The Lord showed me something different.

He showed me how at times we just simply “lose it”, you know, we have one of those days. The days we tend to be in the flesh. The days we need to pull it together before we “lose it”. The days we are stuck in traffic, or the days that “person” pushes your button again. You guessed it; it is here that we can lose it. And there I go again, attempting to “save my life” by taking things into my own hands.

Cast It Onto The Lord

As believer’s we should roll these things onto The Lord thus saving our life, preserving peace. Instead of clinging to the dust of situations or others’ stuff we simply roll it onto God and get on with our happy self sparing ourselves from “losing it”.

The devil loves for us to cling to “our lives” gaining access through our flesh fits and thus creating the environment for us to “lose it”. Sometimes, it may even appear that you have found life when you “lose it.”

Remember when Peter cut off the man’s ear? He thought he was taking care of business spiritually, until The Lord rebuked him. Peter felt accomplished and pretty good about the way he handled this situation. The Lord? Not so much. He healed the man’s ear and corrected Peter reminding him that He wasn’t aware of what type of spirit He was operating in. Point made. Peter got the message.

Thankfully, like Peter, if we lose it, The Lord corrects us and guides us onto the right path. He knows we will never be happy clinging to dust. He has not designed us this his way. It is impossible to hold unto dust anyways it just slips through your fingers. I’d rather be lost in Him than found without him.

Lose your life in Him and you will be saved, saved from yourself, from being eternally separated from Him and saved from “losing it.” He has empowered you to “let go” so that you can live free. Free from clinging to dust. Let’s shake the dust off our lives and move on.

What about you? What are you clinging to in order to try and save your life?

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