The Name Of Jesus

Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay

When all of a sudden there is a Holy hush. When the power and presence of The Lord is so strong that it brings a stadium to a whisper. To a halting of hallelujahs. Humbled people bow at his honor. 

Broken and bowed down people look up in expectancy believing to receive something from HIm. 

Beauty and fragrance can be sensed because His name has been glorified and His presence has been ushered in. No one moves, no one speaks except puddles of tears splashing on the floor.

There is power in the name of Jesus and at that name, every knee shall bow and tongue confess that He is Lord. The name that is the Most High, the name that is the name above every name.

Demons tremble at his name and flee.

The trees in the wilderness clap their hands and the rocks cry out, Holy Is The Lord, trying to outdo me. But they can’t. No rock crying out can demonstrate the praise coming through a life crying out to the one who saved them.

The one that was forgiven much worships much. Deep always calls unto deep. As the deer panteth for the water so thy soul does for thee. There is peace at the name of Jesus when it seems like chaos is all around. Peace persuades us that anything is possible.

There is communion with the one who took my common life and brought comfort through that communing. He brought a covenant through that blood sacrifice.

His glory surrounds us like a shield and He lifts up our head so that our eyes are set upon him. He keeps us in perfect peace when our minds are stayed upon thee.

The name of Jesus stills the raging sea and calms the child in me. His name causes disease to flee and at the same time wraps his love around me. His laughter lightens the room and frees me to roam.

When the wandering causes me to wonder, my wonder becomes an encounter. Stripped of taught seminary doctrine, standing undone.

From being unknown to known my heart throws up a song of praise.

A song resurrected from pain and love. A holy song for him. A moment of clarity seeps out of the hidden places. The secret place. So sacred is this space that is only reserved for God.

This Holy moment is when divinity meets humanity and God is satisfied. We are satisfied. God is satisfied with the offering of his son so that it would save many sons.

Around the throne in the book of Revelation the elders are casting their crowns at his feet. Earthly crowns mean nothing in the presence of God. All accomplishments seem empty when faced with His eternal love.

What we strive for on earth and attain is quickly cast at His feet because it is him we want not the stuff, not a crown, but a sober reminder of the cross and the price paid for my sin.

Crowned with glory and being accepted in the beloved’s arms is our desire.

When a baby is held and has the gaze of His parent, whimpering stops, fidgeting stops, the hush of heaven calms and settles this child.

The heart and hands of this baby’s Father calm the collective cries of this little one. 

When someone has been comforted by their father, they are now empowered with this same comfort to clothe others with this love. The name of Jesus destroys fear and upholds our faith.

The name of Jesus melts the hardened heart and gives courage to the failing heart. 

What has His name meant to you?

Whatever you are facing today, His name is bigger. Nothing can stand against His name. He is able to subdue all things, they will bow at His name. May the gentle sound of His name calm your heart and remove your fears.

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