Where Does My Help Come From?

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Confidence comes when you focus on what you know rather than what you see.

It’s tempting to be moved based upon what you are seeing. But staying power comes when you are locked into the foundation of what you know about God.

You have history with God. How many times did He bring you through when you didn’t know how you would make it? Draw upon your memories of past victories. They will be a launching pad as you believe Him for what you are facing now.

The Goodness of God

He will not lie to you or drop you. Will it be hard? Yes. Will it be smooth sailing? No.

Your way was in the sea, your path in the great waters, and your footsteps were not known.

Psalm 77:19

Your faith will be tested. The time to praise Him is when the rubber meets the road. It doesn’t take faith to believe God when everything is going well.

Praise pours out easily when nothing challenges your well-being. When business is good, your kids are good, your marriage is good. Bills are paid, your marriage is great, Health is great.

It takes faith when nothing is going well. When the opposite of what you have believed for is happening. Spiritual strength comes from resistance.

Use Your Faith

Push back with your mustard size seed of faith. It is enough. You don’t need more faith, you just need a measure. You have enough. We have enough.

Let’s walk through this trial and expect that we are coming out. Coming out whole. Coming out stronger.

When the songs of praise come through sacrifice. When praise is whispered through tears resisting fear, we are moving ahead even when we are afraid.

The School of Prayer

The school of prayer comes to those that have been familiar with some suffering, some dark times, times of lack. Weathering the storm means I know from who and where my help comes from, It doesn’t come from man. It comes from God. He will surround me.

When I feel like I can’t breathe He will blow the breath of His wind into my soul. He will help me catch my breath.

In the midst of trials the enemy will begin taunting, shut it down, don’t give a minute of attention to the taunting of the enemy or He will begin to erect a mountain. Everything He whispers to you is a lie to get you off your game. To move you away from trusting God. 

God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her, just at the break of dawn

Psalm 46:5

Stay Your Course

Don’t be moved, stay the course, weather the storm and fight with the word! This isn’t a natural battle, it’s a supernatural battle. You cannot fight a spiritual battle with flesh, you will not be defeated unless you shrink back.

You are empowered to win and wage war. Suit up. This will require disciplined focus.

Your weapon is the word. Faith is your shield. Your mind must be set. Think the way God thinks. You wouldn’t allow some stranger to violate your kids, you would fight. This battle is fought with faith. Trust in the unseen one. Pick up your spiritual tools.

Don’t be moved and intimidated by what you see all around you. It is to distract you. It’s goal is to defeat you. You must rise to address your enemy. He will be defeated. Strong is the one who is within you.

Don’t be afraid, He will bring you victory. 

Tag a friend who needs this reminder today. We are all in this together. Quarantine 2020

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