The Pearl of Great Price

pearl necklace
I’ve heard it said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I might agree with that; we do love our bling. But what about our pearls?

Maybe they don’t have the shine of a diamond but they have class. There can be a lot of digging to discover the pearls in our lives.

Pearls In The Bible

In the book of Matthew you find this reference.

Again, The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls. who when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.
Matthew 13:45-46

Quick Question…

What pearl is it in your life that caused you to be “all In”? What was it that caught your attention and gave you a vision to go after it and find that great pearl?

Chances are it was something much bigger than you and within that pearl it contained your purpose, your destiny.

It seemed to call out to you more than you called out to it. It was such a motivating factor that you “bought in”, “sold the farm” and whatever else necessary to search and discover this pearl of great price.

People may have even ridiculed you or classified you as imbalanced in your pursuit of this pearl.

Pearls Are Costly…In More Ways Than One

It is a costly adventure and not everyone pursues the pearls in life, many are satisfied with costume jewelry or something that appears authentic but in reality it’s just a knock-off version of the real deal. It didn’t cost much to make so it didn’t cost much to acquire it.

Real pearls are costly. They require an investment.

What’s Your Pearl?

Your pearl may look much different than mine or your friends, but the pursuit of discovering the pearl and obtaining it requires certain things from you.

Saying no to the unauthentic,
And testing the pearls to see if they are the real deal.

Leaving people behind because of your quest to discover the pearl. Being misunderstood because of your drive to find the pearl.

Pearl Seekers Know

If you ever talk to someone who has paid the price in the pursuit of finding the pearl of great price in their life, they are elated because they know the stakes they drove in the ground to find what they found.

It wasn’t easy, it was difficult at times, costly, but well worth the process of discovering the pearl. That’s the part we forget, that in our pursuit of finding whatever pearl it is we are searching for, we sometimes forget why we are doing what we are doing.

We forget that part of the pearl discovery is what happens “to us”.

We forget that deep love is cultivated for the pearl; we forget that the journey in discovering where the pearl is found is part of our joy. We are so enamored with the picture of the pearl and the end of the journey that we fail to appreciate the character that God develops within us. We get sad when He removes people from our journey because we fail to comprehend that they will hinder us rather than enhance us on our way to the pearl. Everyone won’t be happy about your pursuit of the pearl.

Never Forget The Pearl Maker

Sometimes, in our spiritual lives the pearl becomes the object of our affection rather than the person holding the pearl. The person holding the pearl has been the one orchestrating the entire pursuit, the invisible force of God shaking things up along the way. Adding people, removing people. Comforting us when we cry and get discouraged.

God is not moved by our disgust and frustration at the process of discovering what the pearl may be for us. He stands with the pearl in his hands waiting for our arrival.

As we approach our destination, we see and visualize the pearl in the clam shell..

Picture yourself there. All your dreams right before you. God is holding the shell, Do you see it open or do you see it shut and you have to pry it open?

Do you see God with open hands towards you or with tight fists?

Your View Of God

Your view of God is in essence one of your great pearls. He is the big rock as my husband would say. Once the big rock is in place everything else falls into place.

Your view of God is one of your great pearls because it is the very paradigm of your life. If you believe He is holding out on you with a closed fist you either won’t pursue the pearls in your life because…

A) You ”doubt” and believe you don’t deserve it.
B) You self-sabatoge your own efforts.
C) You believe it is for others but not you. ( comparing yourself to others)

If you believe He is standing with open hands you will…

A.) pay the price to do what you must do to obtain the pearl
B) Believe since it’s possible for others it’s possible for me
C) Enjoy the journey as I get closer to the pearl.

How Much Do You Want It?

With every pearl there is a price, the question is how bad do we want it and what am I willing to do to receive it. Notice I said receive it? Yes, it is about receiving it. We have our part and God has his part. Discerning the balance in our lives is key.

We can really strip most of our pursuits down to the essentials.

We pray and then obey.

As we do, I am certain we will find our pearls.

Let me know what you think…

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1 thought on “The Pearl of Great Price”

  1. He stands with the pearl in his hands waiting for our arrival.

    Wow! Reminds me to live life EXPECTING God’s blessings…believing He has the best waiting for me….that all the struggles, heartbreak, disappointments are worth it to get to be where God has His best…way better than what I can imagine as best….His best just for me.

    It gives me hope ❤️

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