Put On A Clean Pair Of Glasses.

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Do you ever look at life through dirty or smudged glasses and before you know it you find yourself adjusting to the smudges and dirt on your glasses?

But what you are seeing is not a clear picture. You are only seeing part.

Do you do that in your relationships? Do you look at things and think we can stand a tune up but think, this is ok. It’s manageable, so you move on disregarding things that need your attention.

Do you look at the tweaks needed in your finances because of overspending but you squeak by monthly and think, this is manageable.

Do you look at life and your spiritual growth being fully aware it definitely needs some tweaking but it’s manageable. This is good enough.

Taking Time To Work on Things

Taking the time to work on things that need our attention so that we have a clear view requires something of us.

It’s not just a management issue. It needs our attention and it needs some cleaning.

It’s easy to peer through the smudges of life rather than take the effort it requires to make necessary changes so growth and health can occur.

We often avoid the things that can bring healing because it requires something from us before we can experience how good it will be for us.

The discipline it takes to deal with our stuff isn’t sexy, it’s actually more like, I will if I have to.

Owning your part will catapult you onto a much clearer path. Clarity about your life and consciously removing wrong attitudes will pave the way for better relationships and a life of order.

You Have to Do The Work

No one else can do the work on you, only you. It will pay off if you stay the course. No discipline is pleasant at the time but will produce good things if you stay with it.

People that process hard things are the same people that are equipped to help others later on.

Why? Because what they have isn’t theory, they did the work and now the work they did is a reality in their lives.

Skillful living is helping them achieve what they want because they are being intentional and not just managing life by default.

Evaluate Your Life

What one thing can you look at and begin to start disciplining yourself to make adjustments?

Life is a series of one things.

Start with one thing and see yourself victorious. This will help you eat the elephant one bite at a time.

Start with the easiest so you can see results, this will encourage you to move on to the next thing. Celebrate your victories!

You can do this!  Remove the parking brake and trust God to help you tackle things one at a time.

My Prayer

Lord, We need you and we all fall short in many areas. We can’t do it without your help. We will slide right back into old patterns.

However, you can make a way in the wilderness and chart a new course for us by helping us build new habits and attitudes into our lives.

We thank you now in advance for small and large victories. We thank you for the discipline and determination we need to do it! We promise to help others just like others have helped us!


What one area do you need God’s help in to become a better you?

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