Psalm 77

The psalmist says…

I cried out to God with my voice and he gave ear to me.

In his trouble He sought The Lord. I think we often forget to just seek The Lord. We seek relief. We seek deliverance but do we just simply seek The Lord?

Nothing wrong with seeking relief or deliverance, but what about just knowing we need to seek The Lord. To become well acquainted with him in relationship. Knowing him intimately automatically thrusts us at his feet, into his lap because right there, we know He is our source.

The psalmist is in deep anguish of heart and the very thought of God is troubling his soul. Complaining only brought about more feelings of being overwhelmed.

Awareness that God himself holds his eyelids open and yet being so troubled that He can’t even speak. I’ve been there, how about you?  Dark days of my soul that overwhelm my heart. 

The kind of anguish that make it difficult to know how to pray or what to say.  Precisely where this psalmist is. Considering the days of old, he calls to remembrance a song. 

The Song

Sometimes buried deep within you in the middle of a storm is a song. A song that will remind you of God’s faithfulness, about how good He is! A song to carry you through the night.

A song that will cause your heart to diligently search for something lost. A song that prompts questions as you wrestle through your anguish and doubts.

Purging out of your wrestling match your struggle with the question, why God why? After some time, some struggle in the midst of this dark night of the soul, The psalmist made a quality decision and it all started with


But The psalmist declared, I will remember the years of the most high and his mighty hand.

But, I will remember the works of The Lord. It doesn’t matter what I see, I am choosing to remember his past works. They trump what I see now, what I feel now and am experiencing now.

But, I will remember the works of old and choose to meditate on your work and will talk of your deeds..

Your way is in the sanctuary. Who is so great a God as our God?

You have declared your strength to your people, you have redeemed us with your arm.

Your way was in the sea, your path in the great waters and your footsteps were not known. God led his people like a flock.

Just like the psalmist, you must push pause in the midst of your trial. Push pause as the storm pounds. Regroup and recharge your soul.

Start a New Chapter Today

Start a new chapter to your story.  Remind yourself by remembering God’s track record.

But God. With tears streaming down your face, not knowing how God will do it but knowing he will do it somehow. 

When we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we will fear no evil because He is with us.

Don’t be afraid of the sea because his path is through the great waters. Trust him to carry you through to the other side with the water raging.

The sea was meant to provide something for you not rule over you. Walk through it. Head held high above the waves, surf on what threatened you.

 Ride those high waves victorious because He has secured your future.

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