Playing It Safe

Tucked away nice and tight is your heart. Tucking it away protected from anyone or anything that poses a possible threat to it’s familiarity.

Opportunity knocks but the heart declines not wanting to leave the safety of self protection.

The heart must take a daring step of being seen, being vulnerable enough to be known. If the heart declines this invitation all is still tucked away safe and sound. ” No changes is what I like” thinks the heart.

A heart that opens up to meet opportunity must leave convenience and everything familiar and risk being hurt. Even though the heart might get hurt it also might get loved.

Playing it safe seems inviting.

Playing it safe seems inviting, a lot like playing left field in baseball. Not alot of action but Hey, I’m on the team and I don’t have to worry about being hit. Just stay in my corner of the field.

Doing life without the heart being involved is like living like a robot. You carry out the commands but don’t feel a single thing.

What event caused you to slam your heart shut and say never again?

Was the wound so deep you refused to even go there? Fearful of bringing up the pain of it again?

Isn’t giving your heart away risky?

Playing it safe seems so logical.

Playing it safe seems so logical. It guards the goods of a fearful, wounded heart. Playing it safe preserves our most sacred vulnerable places. Shutting the door securely and locking it seems preserving but is it?

You’re not really guaranteed what you will get in exchange.

But What If…

But what if that risk was just waiting to be taken?

What if your gamble and the roll of the dice paid off with big dividends?

What if God, the universe, new friends and opportunity waited at your step of faith named, Risk.

What if swallowing pride and fear didn’t go down like a chicken bone?

What if the devil duped you with a big fat lie to enslave your heart and lock it up?

Guess who holds the key? You do. So, What if you pranced right in there, shook your fist at the devil and picked up that magical key.  

You could then boldly unlock your heart that has been tucked away safe and sound.

All of a sudden, that heart released would begin dancing around because it was free to be. Free to love and laugh and yes, even get hurt.

It would dance the fear away and be mesmerized by being set free from the cage named, Protected. Maybe the cage was named, Suspicious. 

Whatever the name of the cage, the heart wasn’t meant to be kept in a cage, it was meant to be free.

A Story of Shame…

I once knew a girl who had a heart that was violated. Shame began to lie to this girl and convince her it was her friend and was there to help and protect.

Shame lies. Shame suffocates. She’s surly and sneaky. Sneaking upon you in your most vulnerable times she tries to suffocate and stifle your voice.

Wanna know a secret? Shame is no superhero and holds no super power only what you give it.

Shame clings to your past and wants to keep your future under lock and key because if shame gets shredded, watch out.

Things will happen. The heart that is free will begin to help unlock other hearts. Dancing in the streets will happen and revival will be sensed.

Revival in individual hearts begin to affect a family, then communities, then cities, then states, then countries.

That splash started out looking like a pebble as it began small but started expanding and created movement.

This is what happens when one person releases their heart and life in surrender. 

How about taking this key in my hand and paying it forward?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think…

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