We the people
We see and hear about them all the time. They go against our grain. They sting because we know they just aren’t right.

Causes are born out of them.

People lining the streets with signs to protest the injustices.
We all feel subjected too and violated by verdicts that come down through society. It hurts.

It leaves us questioning everything.

Remember how mesmerized we all were by the OJ Simpson case? Remember the Kasey Anthony story – a young mother accused for murdering her 3 yr old daughter?

Our Leaders Have Failed Us

We all had our opinions and what it always comes back to is an injustice in society. We are left jaded with politics and a court system that is suppose to uphold the law and render us justice yet it fails us over and over again.

Politicians who over promise and under deliver. Unjust!

They are more concerned with their party winning… or their own political chess moves to gain control.

Lies, lies and more lies. Mudslinging, dirty politics, bloodthirsty ego-driven people who see their leadership as “The answer”.

We see their approach irrelevant to our true needs because they are too busy throwing sand at each other in their sandboxes. Why should we believe them? Which of them has stayed true to their convictions? Or for that matter, even has convictions? Will the person who is not power hungry and principal led please stand up?

There are those who have run in the past that have shown me some things and said things that seem to be sincere, coming from humility. Of course they aren’t in the race now because money is always a factor.

Not that I was even sold on them completely. Why would we be sold on anyone politically? Once in office, they become drunk with power and begin to change positions. They become influenced by the forces behind the political arena, the money and allegiances that they are aligned with for their own selfish purposes.

What We Are Really Looking For…

I don’t think America is looking for a perfect man or woman who is without error, but we are looking for an honest one, who will humble himself and lead our country in rightness.

We would love it if you wouldn’t climb in bed with special interest groups. Is that too much to ask?

We would love it if you considered all of us instead of the ones that could help preserve your next political move or line your pockets with the next meal ticket.

I’m sorry Mr. or Mrs. President, it is about greed. It is about power and motives behind why you are doing what you are doing? It is about us not you.

We the people, for the people.

Which part of this is unclear and confusing?

At what point has it ever been ok to not be constitutional?

At what point is a political leader above the law?

Apparently in this season of the United States of America!

Have we fallen so far spiritually that we no longer hold to any standards? The constitution has been reduced to a mere suggestion to our leaders. They smugly deny any wrong doing and have the stone cold appearance and loud defense of their innocence.

I mean c’mon guys and gals, we just want a hint of humility, even an approach at having remorse over devastating decisions that have deeply wounded America.

Injustice Fuels More Injustice

Injustices keep us shaking our head, ignite our temper and attitude. We have been known to let less than choice words fly out of our mouths. It’s not right, we cry. It’s not fair, we shout as we drop our head in disbelief.

It’s tragic, we say to ourselves when we see another terrorist attack. The devastation of another terrorist who attacked by killing and wounding human beings at a night club in Orlando.

Two black men are killed igniting more anger and hostility. Five Dallas police officers lose their lives due to a sniper during a protest for Black lives matter. All lives matter and our hearts are broken over this painful reality of our human condition.

It’s gut wrenchingly painful when we watch it happen and pray for those affected by injustices. When we have to consider the grief of Sandy Hook Elementary school survivors and family members it is more than we can comprehend. We weep for them because no words could soothe their pain and loss.

Where Is God In All Of This?

In our pain and disappointment, we cry out to God, shake our fists at God, surrender to God and sometimes turn our back on God.

When we’ve become completely disillusioned by our grief, disappointment and the sadness of our world, we tend to question if there even is a God.

Many say, “If there is a God, then why is this happening?” They argue about the goodness of God in comparison to their shattered life lens and sad experiences. The sting of those situations are thrust into their lives like a garment of grief.

The 9/11 survivors relive those sad moments every time their child has a birthday and their dad or mom isn’t present with them to celebrate.

Injustice has left its scar deep within their soul and memory. Their hope for the future went up with the twin towers. The sound and sight of a fire truck with firemen bring back the memory of their heroic partner who gave their life in exchange for saving another life. Senseless evil and injustices shake us to our core and we question everything.

And Yet…

In our despair from politics to personal tragedies with injustices lingering and looming in our lives, we find hope. We run to each other in our community, pulling together in order to survive. Out of these horrible tragic injustices, we see love and compassion emerge from broken people. The broken people are you and me.

Life deals hard blows and breaks us at times but every day we are called to live that life and walk even when we have been broken.

Hope Can Arise

Broken people can be burnt, bitter or become better. It is possible for hope to rise out of all the injustices.

It is in the compassionate neighbor who reaches out…

It is in the politician who has integrity and keeps his word…

It is in our forgiveness extended to those who don’t know they need our forgiveness.

It is in our kindness to the stranger, and making our community better.

It’s in our leadership – not our stone throwing at leaders – that have failed us.

People are human and will fail us and we fail them; it’s what we do with our experiences that determines where we will end up.

It is in being the solution instead of contributing to the problem.

It’s in loving well. It is in loving our neighbor as ourselves.

So there is hope…

But it must begin with us!

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