I Trust People Who Have Been In The Dark

Image by Angela C from Pixabay

Wading through a dark time is tricky . Dark seasons force you to look for light to find your way back to sanity.

They have had light forged in their pain. They groped and searched and swam up to the top of that light, with a gasp, they sucked in some much needed oxygen for their soul.

We wouldn’t think of trusting an airplane that hasn’t been tested and tried before we hopped in.

Jumping on a flight with an untested pilot or plane is sketchy and not many takers are in line.

I feel kind of the same way with people and organizations. Stories matter and everyone has one. People and places have stories and history.

What have you been through?

What have you survived? I need to know the power of your story to know where your strength comes from and if you survived something that broke you.

If you did, then you have something to say.

Once you start sharing your story, your words usually carry weight. Transformed pain can carry weight when you share how God used your story to grow you and to help others.

Don’t get stuck in the darkness of your season with disappointment. Why things happened in your life aren’t as important as what you did with them.

Don’t get bitter through it or hold yourself hostage with harsh judgement about how stupid you were.

God never condemns you so you can be certain that the devil is whispering his lies to a listening ear. He preys upon the vulnerable soul that has been wounded.

Grieve. Wail and when you get your wallowing out, hold on tight to God because He’s holding onto you through the grief and fear.

Give thanks as you feel your way through that dark season because God is good and He’s bigger than any dark season.

He’s not caused pain and don’t fall into the trap of holding him responsible for not stopping something, that would be the devil’s job. The enemy of your soul.

The devil’s job is to mis-represent and malign God’s character and nature. He’s a good God and his ways are perfect. He’s faithful and can be trusted.

The devils job is to misrepresent God

Circumstances cause pain and life can be hard.

Scripture paints the beauty of God’s nature accurately with His word describing his ways being higher than our circumstances.

He is always good, even through the darkness.

Now it’s your turn. 

What do you think?  Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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