Hide and Seek

Hide and SEek
Image by ambermb from Pixabay

They were hidden in plain sight.

My girls loved to position themselves under clothes racks. A racing heart could be heard outside of my chest until I spotted an arm or leg pop out from under the rack.

I would wisk hangers one at a time with responses of no, ugly, and not my style. I am just gonna step into TJ Maxx. Real quick, of course. Said no mom ever.

I would often spot the perfect jacket, which was ridiculously overpriced for my budget. That budget being, you’re a stay at home mom and you blink and kids outgrow their clothes and shoes.

The truth about this day was I was trying to accessorize the outside because the accessories on the inside of my life seemed painstakingly hard to face. The familiar lure of a retail therapy trip satisfies a lot. Or does it?

We walk out with a bag of what? No cute outfit can massage away the ache of brokenness or disappointment we have.

Friends, we might look together on the outside with the new cute jumper but it doesn’t wipe a tear or answer our despair, prayer or disappointment.

Is Your Life Hidden

I wonder about our lives being hidden under a clothes rack, or the rack of whatever I attempt to hide behind.

We don’t think we hide behind or under racks but we do.

Hiding behind, not getting close to anyone so you don’t get hurt.

Hiding behind the decision to not attend church because all the hypocrites are there.

Hiding behind anger because it’s covering up such deep hurt. Hiding behind work because the flurry of activity keeps you from thinking about where you are in life.

Hiding behind whatever you think fills in the blank. Things get uncomfortable and we look for a place to go, somewhere to sit a spell. Adam did this. Jonah did too.

They were walking away from God, but God patiently kept walking towards them. Think about this kind of love. A God who has your name inscribed on His palms. Every slow step He takes, he whispers your name and your destiny.

Zephaniah 3:17 says:

The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”

… His love takes delight in us, and that settles us, offering a sense of peace.

He pictures holding you and showing you the wonderful things He has planned for you. He whispers your name as you hide under the racks of brokenness.

He lifts each article of clothing off of you. Clothes others have put on you. Names you have believed about yourself that God never echoed. He will hurl them so far away so you can never cover up with them again. He will clothe you in His love forever.

His garments are beautiful. His praise will flourish as you open your mouth. Even darkness is light to Him. Hidden in plain sight He found you. The roar of life was quieted by the gentle touch of His love.

Crowned with Glory and Honor

You are a crown of glory in his hand. You will never again be called forsaken. Only delighted in. Delightful. Isn’t that lovely? He delights in you. He enjoys your presence, your quirky personality and the things about yourself you want to change, He stamps beautiful.

He then tells others, like the angels surrounding you to assist you. He says, look how wonderful I’ve made her. I want her to be convinced as much as we are.

The God who spoke the world into existence speaks life into your bruised soul. He speaks love into your one wild life. He speaks, live in areas you see as dead. His love has found you and his grace will sustain you.

Father, help us to see you when we are tempted to hide or cover up because of disappointment. May we see your love through our lens, even the smudged ones and cracked ones. Your love truly is better than life. When we hide in plain sight continue to step towards us with your gentle steps of love and redemption.

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