Guilt is a Bully

guilt is a bully
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Like a freckle face girl looking innocent, she packs a punch. I stand there. Cowering inside because of the barbaric assaults she hurls at me. Her name. Guilt.

Good old fashion shame showing up. Lingering in the dark recesses of a closet you threw the key away to a long time ago.

She hijacked that closet and just like a bully started disassembling your confidence like some unwanted visitor. Truth be known. She was right. He was right. They were all right.

This time, I just decided to say no. To stand up on the inside. To resist the seductive surrender of my confidence to the attacks on my heart.

My heart is sacred. It’s a sanctuary. No trespassing is enforced, not just wished for.

I start out mumbling inside, “greater is He that is in me than He who is in the world.”

My mumble became a roar because that roar will reach the ears of my defender.

He will slay the ones who try to prey upon his kids. The slaying will happen through all of the praying. Fear will pack its bags because faith will stand. Somewhere, somehow, I just know it will stand.

Why Fear Raises Its Ugly Head

Did you ever wonder why your enemy shows up at opportune times? Because, enemies of your soul are afraid you will break out and if you do, others will break out with you.

Girls. You have so much power. So much power to empower. To be the shoulders for others to stand on.

You can never stand on something until you stand for something. What’s your stand?
How many times does a bully show up to dance with you? To do a little shadow boxing?

Phooey. They never show up to dance or for a friendly shadow boxing. They come to deconstruct your confidence. To disrobe your identity by placing garments of condemnation on you.

Shame Has An Agenda

Shame’s objective is always just that, an objective. Shame has a goal in mind. To bury you in your past. To keep you so covered up with the past that you lose sight of your purpose.

Shame appears as a shield but it’s not, it’s sheet metal. You can bend and kick your way out though. Shame is a cloud of accusations, representations of everything you did or didn’t do. It’s a lie.

This garment has been shredded by love. Shame’s shackles came off and were sent packing with that freckle face little girl spewing guilt.

The past has no power when the present overshadows it. Guilt bows. Shame bows. Why? Because Faith always works through love. And love is working on the inside of you.

Your faith will stand and answer back. Remind yourself of that the next time some freckle face girl knocks at your door.

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