Do You Want His Peace or a Counterfeit Peace?

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We live in a time where culture paints the picture of chaos. Media echoes it and we are bombarded with stress and strain. Over stimulated and under motivated.

To do lists that are never ending. Spent, we stumble and scramble moving from one thing to another.

Running on empty our souls ache for rest. We long for the peace that surpasses all understanding.

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful.  – Colossians 3:15

What If?

What would life look like to you if you refused to budge from a place of peace? Peace is a person and it isn’t just a tranquil state of mind.

This kind of peace is promised to us as believers. Peace that is unmoved no matter what comes our way. Peace that secures our position in Christ. Calms our hearts when things are raging around us.

When the peace of God is ruling, it is acting as an umpire, calling the shots. Showing you what to enter into and what to stay away from. If peace is not calling you there, then don’t go.

The world looks for peace, piece by piece. This is what I mean. The world offers you a piece of something, promising you it will answer what you are searching for.

Whether it is some material thing, or the next get rich quick scheme, something promising you an external beauty or magic solution to appeal to your internal need or ache.

true peace

Except, it doesn’t satisfy. It doesn’t give you peace so you attempt to move on to the next thing.

Unfortunately, it is just another piece of something over-promising and then under-delivering; you end up right where you were except it cost you time, energy or maybe a broken heart to purchase it.

There is always a cost to pay when we search for validation internally or externally separated from Christ.. It promises you something but can’t deliver.

Gathering things – relationships or anything we look to instead of Christ – is a false hope for peace. Outward things will never settle your un-rested soul. Standing there staring at all the paths of peace you’ve taken, cause you to feel empty. They divide you into pieces and don’t give peace.

True peace comes from relationship. Intimacy with the one who is peace. He never reduces you to pieces.

In fact, when you are in his peace, rest comes. He brings all of your broken pieces back together and heals you.

In that place of peace, with your soul being at rest, you can begin to breathe. You can begin to hear and see.

The clutter is removed from the frantic, flurry of activity. The still waters you can now hear wash over your soul. You are at rest when you are in his peace.

Peace Unlike Anything Else

It is not the peace that the world can give because it’s not him.. The peace of the world is only a piece.

It’s a hollow piece. It is not a rock, it is only a momentary fix that cannot carry you long term through the storms in your life.

With God you can be experiencing war and yet still be in peace because He is your peace and will calm all your storms, you only need to be still.

Stillness is different than no movement. Stillness has purpose and is redirecting your heart to focus on the maker of your heart.

A heart that is governed by peace calms the mind and empowers you to think clear thoughts.

Clear direction comes as you wait in peace. The one that waits on him will be rewarded by hearing from him.

As you rest in waiting, your strength will reappear, your mind will be attentive and focused.

His peace He leaves with us and marks our walk, no matter what we are going through.

Look At David

David learned to calm and quiet his soul like a weaned child from his mother. How could He do this? Because He knew peace in the midst of warring situations.

He knew the person of peace and could draw from within. He developed the peace that was provided for him.

When a man’s ways please The Lord even his enemies will be at peace with him.

This was David’s testimony. Saul tried to kill him numerous times but God wouldn’t have it.

Saul’s heart was troubled. Truth unmasked Saul’s struggles of jealousy. The sting of knowing David’s heart was right with God and his vengeance driven heart was not.

Trust God for his peace right in the midst of your enemies attacking you. God will deliver you.

More Examples of Peace

Consider Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the book of Daniel. They refused to bow to the customs of their culture so their resistance and opposition to culture got them thrown into a pit.

Resisting culture always gets you an audience and sometimes attention you never wanted or desired.

This is what happened to Daniel and His friends. They resisted the temptation of cultural acceptance because it was dishonoring to what God showed them.

You would think they would be honored, but they were attacked. They were ridiculed and deposited in a pit to teach them a lesson about learning to bow in spite of convictions.

When the officials observed them in the pit after several days, not only were they not injured when fire was on them, they came out and didn’t even smell like smoke.

While they were being observed,the officials said: We threw 3 men in the fire but we see 4?

How could this be?

They saw God doing a bona-fide firedance. He himself had entered into the midst of the fire with them.

It doesn’t matter what you are going through if God is with you in it. You are coming out on the other side. Don’t worry, you won’t smell like smoke either.

Like these 3 young men you can be going through a horrific trial and the person of peace is with you thus clothing you with peace as you walk through.

Do You Have Peace?

Are you in peace today? Don’t let the world reduce you to pieces by selling you a lie. A temporal piece of the world can’t sustain you but the peace of God can.

A product can promise to wash away your wrinkles, stress, marital problems, or kids going off the rails, but does it? No.

It gives you a piece of something, a temporary break. But it can ultimately never give you true peace.

Don't let the world reduce you to pieces

True peace is found in him. Let’s enter into that place of peace together so our souls can be at rest. Stop wringing your hands and pacing the floors at night and go to bed. The one you serve never slumbers or sleeps.

Think about that. And tap in to His peace today!

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